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I'm an award-winning journalist who is focused on where media is going - not where it's been...

I am not a fan of boxes, because as a mid-career journalist I've worked in every facet of the media and have the experience and skills to work in everything from audience engagement, digital-first, social media and emerging platforms, to audio, video and print. 

Right now, I'm managing a community engagement project with WNYC's Leonard Lopate Show. 

Before this, I was working on ProPublica's Maternal Mortality Series, I worked on a user testing lab project with the Wall Street Journal and I was a social audio fellow at WNYC. I've also worked in emerging technologies with a audio start-up Sparemin. 

Most of my decade as a journalist has been as a radio host and producer/reporter with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), however my start in media was as a newspaper reporter with Fairfax.


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